Ham College 86 - Extra Class Exam Questions - Part 24

26-02-2022 05:00
E6A Semiconductor materials and devices: semiconductor materials; germanium, silicon, P-type, N-type; transistor types: NPN, PNP, junction, field-effect transistors: enhancement mode; depletion mode; MOS; CMOS; N-channel; P-channel
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AmateurLogic 166: All This and Cheap Too

19-02-2022 05:00
Emile and Glen build the DigiPi Project. George explores Vic20 on an ESP32 microcontroller. Tommy’s quick ID52A Setup guide. UK Rum Butter at Tea Time. 1:32:23
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Ham College 85 - Extra Class Exam Questions – Part 23

05-02-2022 05:00
E5D AC and RF energy in real circuits: skin effect, electromagnetic fields, reactive power, power factor, electrical length of conductors at UHF and microwave frequencies, microstrip.
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AmateurLogic 165: Welcome to 2022

15-01-2022 05:00
Emile talks GMRS Data modes. ID-52A power on screen with Tommy Dirt. George has the new ARRL Handbook 2022 edition. And an update on Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries. 1:11:57
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Ham College 84 - Extra Class Exam Questions – Part 22

08-01-2022 05:00
E5C Coordinate systems and phasors in electronics: Rectangular Coordinates, Polar Coordinates, Phasors.
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