The Piscataquis Amateur Radio Club (PARC) is honored to create the Worked Piscataquis Award to stimulate activity and call attention to the Maine County of Piscataquis. Any out of County Amateur Radio Station that has worked five (5) towns in Piscataquis County is eligible for the award; Any 'in' County Amateur Radio station (as listed on the QRZ database) that has worked twelve (12) towns in Piscataquis County is eligible for the award. A QSO with K1PQ can be substituted for up to any three (3) towns in Piscataquis County. A QSO with an Amateur Radio Station in the town of Dover-Foxcroft is required. Dover-Foxcroft is the county seat.

The rules are simple:

  1. No log entries will be accepted with QSO dates before Feb 2, 2022.>/li>
  2. No repeater or digipeater frequencies maybe used, Satellite QSO's are acceptable!
  3. Contacts on any band and any mode are acceptable!

It is NOT necessary to submit any QSL cards, any Amateur Station can verify your log. All entrires are on the "Honor System"!

There is a $5 charge for non club members to support administrative and mailing fees, and for PARC members there is no cost.

Mail a list of your contacts and an application fee as appropriate to:

Piscataquis Amateur Radio Club
P.O. Box 325
Dover-Foxcroft, ME 04426

GL y Good Hunting de K1PQ